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Darul-Uloom Shahi was laid down by Maulana Muhammad Qasim Nanautav_ a great Islamic Scholar and leader the main personality for establishing a centre of excellence where the true teachings of Islam are taught_ and Qutub-e- Aalam Maulana Rasheed Ahmad Gangohi Sb to serve the purpose of protecting Islamic values and keeping the Ummah within the ambit of Islam. It has not only produced great Islamic scholarsand leaders, but also, has always responded to the call of the Nation. It has always guided the Muslim Community to the right path in dark hours maintaining the high traditions of its past Godly personalities and renowned Islamic has always reflected the true Islamic spirit.

Darul-Uloom Shahi has a golden record for its grand religious services. There as, it has been appreciably departing quality religious education of all subject of Islamic education,propagating Islam and protecting the religion and the faith of the Muslims by most qualified and experienced teachers since1878 A.C;has been doing its best for upholding the flag of Tauheed and Sunnah (i.e. Quran and Hadeeth);and has always faced those bravely,who tried to mislead the Muslim Ummah. This well-established institution has played a leading role in the freedom movement of the country There as, it has, on one hand, produced scholars and theologians teachers and preachers of high repute while on the other, patriots and freedom-fighters. The first string of this golden chain is Darul-Uloom Deoband. The second one is this institution, JAMIA QASMIA DARUL ULOOM SHAHI MORADABAD. So far, thousands of scholars, theologians, preachers and Quran-memorizers (i.e. Hafizes).are being qualified form this Institution, approximately 3000 hundred every year. They all are preaching Islamic and serving theNation in various ways, all over the world.